new food e-commerce concept


Top quality

made in Italy

food and drinks

carefully selected

by our chef

as we aim

to virtually

take you to Italy!

As soon as the world returns to some sort of normality, we will be waiting for you in Italy!


Travel and Shop Experience is a new food e-commerce concept.

It comes from Italy Creative's long experience within the luxury travel sector paying particular attention to the most sought-after gastronomy.

It offers you a unique food experience and also gives you the possibility to travel based on the top quality Italian products selected by our expert chef.

By choosing one of our boxes you also have the opportunity to choose the itinerary created by our expert travel designers. The travel experience coming with each box is a special itinerary built on the food & drink in each box.
Our commitment is to make your gastronomic shopping and travel experience
as rewarding as possible for you.

Italian food e-commerce


Travel and Shop Experience is a collective idea from a group of professionals in the gastronomic, tourism and marketing sectors, aimed to create unique experiences that combines top quality Italian products
with bespoke travel itineraries.

Guided by our innovative, forward thinking spirit and passion for Italy, we strive to share

extraordinary and tasty gastronomic traditions with food lovers

who also share a passion for the countless artistic treasures found within Italy. 
Travel and Shop Experience is a blend of the chef's mastery

with their expertise and knowledge of the finest Italian cuisine

and is complimented by the competence of our travel designers

to let you savour not only the very best in Italian food and drink but also the Italian life style. 
This unique experience starts with purchasing online our virtual itineraries

created specifically for each gastronomic box,

giving you the opportunity to personally visit the places from which the products come from.
And as soon as the travel restrictions are over, you can retrace the virtual itinerary in person as soon!
We are sure that the food and drink we provide for you to enjoy in your home

as well as your stay in Italy are experiences

that will provide you with unforgettable moments which last a lifetime!