Passion for Italy and its culinary traditions, food and wine.

We are a group of passionate food and travel lovers.

We combined our skills: an experienced Chef, an alimentation professional, the expert travel designers, and a marketing professional, all having worked in the food and travel industry for decades.

This challenging project came us in mind during and because of the 2020’s lockdown with the purpose to offer products and services of high quality in an online store. 

We are convinced that opportunity arises from difficulties and this project proves it.

It is a new food e-commerce concept: buy top quality Italian products, selected by Chef Marco, taste typical recipes, each of them linked to a travel in Italy.

From the very beginning we have been looking for the Italian excellence products and we were committed to making your shopping and travel experience

as rewarding as possible for you. 

Each box is an experience of flavors that we have combined with an itinerary that can turn

from virtual into a real experience.

We believe this is the best way of enjoying the Italian food and travel at the same time, making it easy for you to taste products carefully selected and tested by the Chef. 

We are convinced you’ll enjoy both culinary and travel experiences we created for you.

Travel and Shop Experience connects you with Italy in one place to find products you’ll love and find your next travel destination at the same time, by now only virtually but soon in person!



Passionate about Italy and Expert Travel Designer

I have gained expertise from more than 20 years in the incoming tourism business as organizer of tours, itineraries, planner of events, incentives and congresses. I love to create unforgettable itineraries, taking care of every detail. With an idea, a conversation, the desire to get in the game and transform my passion with a new lifestyle, and to learn and spread more about the beauty of my country.
I’m in love with my country, Italy, for its natural and artistic beauties, but even more for the excellent food and wine! No matter where you go, even in the most remote place of Italy, the food is king and always accompanied by the typical Italian warmth. 
Happy mommy of two girls, four cats.



Experienced and passionate about the Italian food and wine

My love for Italy guided my education. I graduated from the Hotel Management High School that gave me the basis to start my culinary journey and cultivate the passion for food. For more than two decades now I have gained experience in banquet and event catering, working alongside great Italian starred chefs, learning and making innovative cuisine. 
My curiosity for the food leads me to continuously look for genuine, innovative and special products that can make each of my dishes a work of art.
My mission: to let my passion and my love for my land, Italy, be perceived in each of my creations.
Lover of great food and excellent wine.



Intuitive, inspired and creative Marketing expert

I worked for many decades in the tourism sector that I never completely abandoned, then I continued to cultivate my curiosity and knowledge in the communication and marketing sector. My degree in International Political Science has helped me to open my mind further and look beyond the horizon. Italy is the country that I love and that I have always seen as the most beautiful in the world, capable of offering the most touching emotions.
Someone says you can't get to know a country if you haven't immersed yourself into its most authentic flavors and have not tasted its food and its wine.
The artistic treasures, the landscapes that leave you breathless, the people, and the gastronomic traditions are experiences not to be missed.



Gastronomic Expert with glamour 

My degree in Food Science and Technology gave me the opportunity to work in the food industry for more than two decades now and gain a wide experience in catering as organization and planning of catering and banquet services, expanding my experience along the entire food chain up to the collaboration with Italian starred chefs.
The cuisine and products made in Italy are my mission, and I'm always looking for the best to offer by selecting and trying niche products that reflect the beauty of our country.
What do I love about Italy? The passion, the great warmth of the people and of our land which are inevitably reflected in each of our products.
Passionate about all forms of art; from dishes created by the best starred chefs, to photography and the extraordinary artistic treasures that our country offers, almost unique in the world. Nature and pet lover.